2019 Usually Cited OSHA Standards


Another fiscal year is inside the books for OSHA, together with it comes the annual variety of the highest 10 most cited violations. The preliminary 2019 list is just as follows:

As is also usually the case, the highest 10 violations will not change much. In 2019, the top part four violations remained the exact same from 2019. Truly the only violation that is not inside the 2019 list is “Electrical – General Requirements,” that takes the destination of “Electrical – Systems Design,” which had been the 9th most cited violation in 2019.

Although “Fall Protection” remains in the top spot, the preliminary wide variety of violations has decreased by much more than 2,000 from a year ago. Although undoubtedly nice thing about it, every one of these violations is often prevented. Email us at Neckerman Insurance Services now to learn you’ll be able to improve safety lower the potential risk of an OSHA fine.