Checklist: Electrical Safety at your residence


Electrical appliances provide convenience and enjoyment for the family. However, items like lamps, televisions and electrical outlets can also pose serious injury risks. To minimize the opportunity for danger, walk through your house and identify all the items who make use of electricity. After you’ve done that, utilize following recommendations as precautions to relieve potential risk of shock and burn injuries.

In All Rooms


  • Each light in just about every room (including lamps and ceiling fixtures) has a bulb with appropriate wattage for that fixture.

Portable Electric Heating

  • Portable electric heater is focused at the very least 3 feet from combustibles, for instance drapes and newspapers.
  • Portable electric heater is stable and placed where it won’t tip over.
  • Portable electric heater is in good condition (no odd smells, sparks or smoke when operating).

Three-prong Adapters

  • Properly grounded three-prong adapters are employed attach mains cables with three-prong plugs to older two-prong outlets.
  • Electrical Cords and Entertainment Equipment
  • Cords are free of charge of frays, cracks along with other damage.
  • Cords are positioned where they’ll not be stepped on.
  • Furniture or rugs are certainly not getting electrical cords.
  • Cords may not be tightly wrapped around any objects.
  • Cords will not be connected to anything (walls, baseboard) with nails or wire staples.
  • All electrical cords consist of safety covers about the unused outlets.
  • None in the extension cords are carrying over their proper loads according to the electrical rating to the appliances and extension cords.
  • No extension cords are employed over a permanent basis.
  • All within the entertainment machines are placed so air can freely circulate around it.
  • All on the entertainment gear is inside a dry location, unencumbered with any way to obtain water, including rain, leaks and spills.

Electrical Outlets and Switches

  • If kids are present, all unused outlets have safety covers.
  • All outlets and switches are working properly.
  • All outlets and switches are cool to feel.
  • All electrical plugs fit snugly into all outlets.
  • All outlets have faceplates covering all wiring.

In the Kitchen

  • All countertop appliances are unplugged easily ..
  • All appliance cords are placed hence they will not likely come across a classy surface (much like the oven, range burner or toaster).
  • All appliances can be found outside the sink.
  • The the top of and area on top of the cooking range is free of combustibles (pot holders, paper, plastic utensils).

In All Bathrooms

  • All appliances are unplugged when not in use.
  • All appliances happen to be in good working condition and therefore are working without signs of damaged wiring or parts.

In All Bedrooms

  • All electric blankets are in good.
  • The electric blanket is not really integrated in anything much more use.
  • The electric blanket is often put forth flat.
  • If tucked in, the warmth producing wires are?not?bent surrounding the corners.

?In Basement, Garage and Workshops

Fuse Box

  • All fuses are classified as the correct size for any circuit.

*If you’ve got fuses, it’s a good idea to come with an electrician inspect it to make certain the fuse box has sufficient capacity as well as the appropriate fuse amperage to your load.

Circuit Breaker Box

  • Circuit breakers are periodically started and off.
  • If installed, GFCI breakers are tested periodically.
  • If installed, arc fault circuit interrupters are tested periodically.

Electric Power Tools

  • All cord-connected tools have 3-prong plugs or marked to depict these are double insulated.


Electrical Outlets

  • Each outlet does have it’s waterproof cover.
  • All outlets are protected by way of GFCI.

Electric Garden Tools

  • All mains cables will be in excellent (no cracks or exposed wires).
  • Tools come in fine shape and operating properly.
  • Corded power tools are simply used in dry areas, not around ponds and also other wet or damp areas.

Extension Cords Used Outdoors

  • All extension cords are marked tailored for outdoor use.
  • Three-prong extension cords can be purchased and being utilized with grounded plugs on outdoor products.