EpiPen Cost and Cost-Saving Strategies

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If you’ve ever suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction, you may well feel that the EpiPen cost is justified. But if you’ve been prescribed the medication as a precaution — something you might need — that $600-plus price tag may be a bit difficult to swallow.

Made by Mylan, EpiPen is under patent, meaning you won’t find a generic version — not yet, anyway. But there are ways to save on your prescription, lessening the cost and possibly even eliminating it completely.

How much does EpiPen cost?

You could pay as little as $25 if you’re fortunate to have health insurance that covers the prescription with a small copay. But if you’re forced to pay cash for an EpiPen prescription, the cost will set you back much further.

Drug comparison and money-saving site GoodRx currently prices a “2-Pak” of EpiPen injectors in the 0.3 mg dose in the $600 – $650 range. Truthfully, the amount you pay depends on where you purchase it and your dosage. The best way to determine the going rate in your area is to call local pharmacies directly.

Finding the best price for EpiPen

If you’re calling around to get local prices on EpiPen, you’ll soon know the lowest-cost local option. But you can also use online pharmacies. A word of warning, however: Not all online pharmacies are legitimate or legal. Do your homework before placing an order.

If you have insurance coverage, a program from Mylan may help reduce your copay to $0. This program is specifically for people who normally have a copay that’s less than $100. There are restrictions, and the EpiPen website offers details on those and how you can take advantage of the program.

More ways to save on EpiPen

In addition to comparison shopping and looking into the Mylan copay program, you can search online for printable EpiPen coupons. Several websites offer discount programs as well, though some require you to pay a fee.

Finally, talk to your doctor about therapeutic alternatives. There are other epinephrine injectors on the market. Because they are not a true generic form of EpiPen, prices, use and effects will vary. You may also try a generic epinephrine, which has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

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