Fry The Turkey This Thanksgiving, Not Your house!


More cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than every other day of 4 seasons. Yes, your property insurance may respond for the fire damages whilst your health insurance coverage to the emergency room visit, but we doubt employing new Thanksgiving tradition you had at heart.
Fried turkey can be quite a great option to traditional oven-roasted fare, but bear in mind it’s high risk. Here are a few safety techniques for your Thanksgiving:

  1. Turkey deep fryers ought to placed outdoors, for a flat, preferably concrete surface located an excellent distance from anything combustible.
  2. Never utilize a turkey fryer in the garage, over a wooden deck, or anywhere close to the house.
  3. Never leave the fryer unattended. After you are finished cooking, never let pets or children on the unit. The oil from the fryer remains extremely hot all day after cooking.
  4. Keep a hearth extinguisher handy. If fire erupts, don’t throw water onto it. Water cannot extinguish a grease fire and often will make the oil to spatter violently.
  5. Use oil that has a high smoke point, for example peanut or canola.
  6. Do not overfill the turkey fryer. If oil spills over as the turkey is way too large as well as oil level is just too high, flames can engulf machine and endanger bystanders.
  7. The National Turkey Federation recommends?24 hours of thawing for any five pounds of bird before cooking in a turkey fryer.
  8. Use heavy oven mitts or well-insulated potholders. The lid, handles, and sides with the cooking pot become scorching, posing an intense burn threat. Protective eye-wear is also recommended.

Whether you’re tending a deep fryer or waiting around the timer to look off in your oven, be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and winter season.