How to Find a Symbicort Coupon

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When you’re paying more than $200 each month for your medicine, a Symbicort coupon could save you thousands of dollars in a single year. This asthma medication is expensive, but there are ways to save if you suffer from asthma and don’t have deep pockets.

Symbicort is a combination of two drugs: the steroid known as budesonide, and a bronchodilator called formoterol. It is a long-acting medicine, not a short-acting inhaler to be taken in the throes of an attack, and is typically taken twice daily, every day.

Generic Symbicort

Currently, AstraZeneca’s patents prevent generic versions of Symbicort from being made. So if your doctor prescribes Symbicort, it’s Symbicort you’ll get.

According to current pricing estimates from, a 30-day supply of 160 mcg Symbicort costs $300 or more, depending on your pharmacy and location. Without a generic to lessen this costly impact, you’ll have to turn to alternative solutions.

Symbicort Coupons From the Manufacturer

AstraZeneca offers a Symbicort $25 Guarantee Program on its website. According to their terms, eligible patients can receive discounts that translate into no more than $25 in out-of-pocket expenses for each fill of their prescription, up to 12 fills.

Also, newly prescribed patients may be able to receive their first order for free.

However, not everyone is eligible. Those taking advantage must either be uninsured or have commercial insurance that doesn’t cover the full cost of their prescription. It is also not available to children ages 12 and younger. For a complete list of terms and conditions, and to sign up, read here.

Other Places to Find Coupons for Symbicort

If you’re ineligible for the AstraZeneca savings program, you can find Symbicort coupons through other online resources. Several websites offer savings programs and printable coupons that can reduce your out-of-pocket drug costs.

But that’s not all you can do:

  • Ask your doctor (and your insurance company) if you can get a 90-day supply instead of a 30-day supply. This can significantly reduce your per-month prescription costs.
  • If Symbicort is just too expensive, talk to your doctor about alternatives. This isn’t the only long-acting inhaler on the market, and others may be more price-friendly.

Compare Costs at Different Pharmacies

Always remember to comparison shop. Pharmacy prices vary from town to town, and sometimes from block to block. If you’re tempted to try an online pharmacy, make sure you know what to look for in a reputable Internet drug store, as not all vendors are created equal.

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