Medicare to Issue New ID Cards

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Medicare to Issue New ID Cards to Insureds

Medicare is assisting its insureds work towards better identity security by issuing new Medicare cards to every one beneficiaries beginning this month.

As prior cards included social security numbers, which might be popular with identity thieves, new numbers are unique, randomly assigned, 11-character numbers termed as Medicare Beneficiary Identifier.  

This is actually a nation-wide re-issue, so new cards should start moving out via mail to New Hampshire insureds beginning early summer.  Should you be insured with Medicare , nor be given a card, or misplace the new card, contact Social Security at 800-722-1213 or visit

Medicare clients will not need to notify their carriers of these new Medicare ID number as this information are going to be sent from Medicare to the insurance carrier.

If you are newly insured with Medicare at the time of April 2018, your card should curently have the randomly assigned number without your ss #. 

As Medicare ID numbers are not capable of being predicted, it is very important for insureds entitled to apply for Medicare when first eligible.  It will help to with delays in processing of Medicare supplemental insurance, MAPD and PDP plan applications.

Once you’ve your own card, it is strongly suggested that you just destroy your old card, therefore it doesn’t wind up in a bad hands.