Safely Removing Snow During Construction Projects


Every year, employees are killed or damaged while performing snow or ice removal from rooftops and also other building structures, for instance decks. Workers performing snow removal operations face many serious hazards. Good findings of OSHA investigations, falls have the most worker fatalities and injuries during rooftop snow removal. Workers may disappear from of roof edges, through skylights, and from ladders and aerial lifts. Workers will also be injured or killed by way of a roof collapse.
Protect your workers from these hazardous work conditions by:

  • Using snow removers that don’t involve workers taking place , roofs, location possible
  • Evaluating loads exerted for a roof or structure (e.g., total weight of snow, workers and equipment used), than the load limit on the roofs
  • Requiring that workers use fall protection equipment
  • Ensuring that staff is taught to use ladders and aerial lifts safely

Falls cause almost all the deaths and severe injuries that occur during snow removal operations. OSHA standards require employers to confirm hazards and protect workers from falls when working at heights of 6 feet or over for construction work. For additional details on fall protection, call your Neckerman Insurer today.