The Best Car Insurance Companies for March 2019

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When shopping for auto insurance, you want the best company for you — not to be swayed by funny commercials and catchy jingles, all promoting a positive experience. A clearer picture emerges of the best car insurance companies when you look at customer satisfaction and complaints.


For NerdWallet’s rankings, we analyzed customer service and claims satisfaction scores from both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, along with complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. NerdWallet updates this list regularly. The analysis and rankings will be updated when the newest complaint data becomes available.

Only insurers rated by both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports are included. That means many smaller insurers aren’t represented here — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering, too.

Company NerdWallet Rating Shop around
Note: Not all insurers available in all states.
1. Amica Mutual 4.5NerdWallet rating Rates
2. Auto-Owners Insurance 4.5NerdWallet rating
3. Automobile Club Group 4.5NerdWallet rating
4. Erie Insurance 4.5NerdWallet rating
5. Auto Club of SoCal 4.0NerdWallet rating
6. Travelers Insurance 4.0NerdWallet rating
7. Nationwide 4.0NerdWallet rating
8. State Farm 4.0NerdWallet rating
9. The Hartford 4.0NerdWallet rating
10. American Family Insurance 4.0NerdWallet rating
11. The Hanover 4.0NerdWallet rating
12. Allstate 4.0NerdWallet rating
13. Geico 4.0NerdWallet rating
14. Farmers Insurance 4.0NerdWallet rating
15. 21st Century 3.5NerdWallet rating
16. CSAA 3.5NerdWallet rating
17. Safeco 3.5NerdWallet rating
18. MetLife 3.5NerdWallet rating
19. Esurance 3.5NerdWallet rating
20. Liberty Mutual 3.5NerdWallet rating
21. MAPFRE 3.5NerdWallet rating
22. Mercury Insurance 3.5NerdWallet rating
23. Progressive 3.5NerdWallet rating
*The following companies were scored, but were ineligible for ranking because they are only available to certain customers.
NJM [*At the time of ranking, NJM was restricted to members of certain professions. It will be ranked next year.] 5.0NerdWallet rating
USAA [Only available to military members, veterans and their family members.] 4.5NerdWallet rating

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NerdWallet’s star ratings are based on the following three factors, each weighted equally to produce a 300-point maximum total score:

  • 2017 consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The median complaint ratio for the industry is 1. Lower ratios are better. Insurers whose median complaint ratios were more than 1 received fewer points; those lower than 1 received more points.
  • 2017 company satisfaction data from the Consumer Reports Winter Survey. Higher satisfactions ratings from Consumer Reports were given higher scores in our calculation.
  • 2017 J.D. Power ratings from three studies encompassing regional customer service satisfaction, auto claims satisfaction and shopping satisfaction. Ratings from each of the separate 2017 studies were averaged to form one overall score from J.D. Power. The higher the average, the more points the insurer scored in our calculation.

Only larger insurers with data available in all three of these categories were included. Smaller insurers not listed here may also be good choices and are worth consideration.

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