The Importance of Storing Important computer data


2019 was the worst year on record for data loss-over 705 million records were stolen or lost. Unfortunately, 2019 could set a fresh record, which highlights the best way important it is actually to copy your company’s data regularly.
According to a Pepperdine University study, hardware failure and human error include the two biggest reasons behind loss of data, comprising 40% and 29% of total data loss. Both these causes are things businesses can’t do much in order to avoid, making backups a key process for each company.
Storing data around the cloud happens to be the best way to guard your details from loss. Using the cloud, computer data is automatically backed up, and, when purchased, carries a team devoted to assisting you in restore the information should an accidents occur.
It is often a great time to truly see the your company’s data backup procedures to make sure you’re doing everything possible to prevent a catastrophic event. Call us today today for additional info on copying your data.