The Staggering Price of Workplace Bullying


Workplace bullying causes emotional and physical problems for employees; such damage often includes feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, which can lead to anxiety, depression, hypertension or migraine headache. Bullying may cause financial damage to your online business. In accordance with the 2010 National Health Interview Survey, workplace bullying costs employers $4 billion each year from attorney’s fees, counseling or anger management classes. Here are more different options workplace bullying will affect your organization financially.

Decreased Productivity

Bullying directly affects a victim’s confidence and is very likely to decrease their productivity at the office. Victims might also experience high anxiety, which can be very distracting and in many cases debilitating.?Reduced productivity is unattractive for business and can make you discipline employees, remove responsibilities or possibly terminate him / her. You possibly will not realize the worker is bullied, and as a consequence will not have the chance offer any counseling and also other assistance.

Increased Absenteeism

A bullied employee may go to great lengths to avoid a high-stress situation at work. Contacting sick or employing a massive amount of paid vacation time without delay are standard tactics used to avoid a bully.?Other employees may need to from the extra work, possibly creating overtime, complaints or even more bullying behavior. An excessive amount of lost working days benefits not a soul.

High Employee Turnover

A 2019 survey by way of the Workplace Bullying Institute found out that for 25% of respondents, the most beneficial treatment for stop bullying were to quit their jobs. 19% of the respondents felt made to quit when circumstances were made deliberately worse.
When a workforce leaves the office, you will need to recruit, hire and train a completely new employee. An unsound work environment that way is not cheap and time-consuming, and could be exhausting to existing employees.

Negative Effect on Company’s Reputation

Victims of bullying will likely communicate with friends or family in regards to what is taking place and the way they think regarding this. This information can spread quickly and sour your company’s public image.?An unsatisfactory public image is particularly destructive with a company that relies within the public for patronage, such as a restaurant or maybe a landscaping company.

Bullying Prevention

You can control the chance of bullying inside your workplace through using these pointers:

  • Develop a business entitiy bullying policy (and abide by it). Use clear language to define what behavior your business considers to be bullying.
    • Include here is how to report bullying.
    • Document, investigate and comply with every report of bullying.
    • Make it clear that employees won’t be retaliated against for reporting bullying.
  • Establish expectations of appropriate behavior and also the consequences for workers who cannot follow those expectations.
  • Provide training, education, information and awareness on workplace bullying for anyone employees.
  • Provide clear job descriptions offering a plan of your specific roles and responsibilities each position in the workplace.

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